Saturday, November 1, 2014

April's Sunday Brunch

I went to Cali to visit some friends who moved to the Sacramento area for a job. They pretty much live in a magical garden paradise, with fruit trees all around their neighborhood free for the picking! Amazing! The persimmons weren't actually ripe, but boy they sure are pretty!

We went to Muir woods and saw some redwoods. I've always wanted to see them. Next time it will be Yosemite and some Sequoias. Because they are massive and majestic. At least I imagine them to be that way.

We went to San Fran and ate some expensive toast and coconut. Wandered around down to the beach. Drank some beer. Ate some tacos and watch the Giants win some baseball. We finished the day off with an ice cream cookie sandwich. It must be a thing in California. Expensive toast and ice cream cookie sandwiches. It is like the fro-yo craze, but with more carbs.

On our way home from San Fran, we tuned into NPR and started listening to Serial. It is actually a podcast you can listen to online. What is it about you ask? Basically a real life murder mystery. Is the guy in prison, guilty like the court determined or innocent? This is totally right up my alley too.

In case you didn't know, I'm getting my social work masters and intend to work with a criminal population in some capacity or another. I think its a fascinating population and system in so many ways. You should listen to the podcast. Kelsey also listens to it too and is totally into it.

Since Cali, life has pretty much been all about school, with a few fun breaks here and there. It is endless. Graduation can't come soon enough. Maybe a 40 hour a week job will be worse? Only time will tell and I think not.

My friend Anna and her boy came to visit for the badger game the other weekend. It was amazing weather. It has been such a mild October. Hopefully that bodes well for winter. Doubtful. The almanac agrees.

I went to a demo cooking class at the Madison Club with my mother. It was a lot of fun and delicious!  It was a Spanish tapas theme. There were twice friend potatoes with a paprika tomato reduction sauce and aioli. The main attraction though was the big old octopus!

It was boiled for a whopping 90 minutes! Crazy. I'd always imagined it would be overcooked if you cooked it that long. It isn't. It was buttery and delicious.


My boyfriend and I watched The Rocky Horror Picture Show, ate macaroni and cheese with hotdogs and relieved my middle school days. What were my parents thinking? I turned out okay though. He has never seen it before and I've watched it about a million times.  

I danced and sang a lot. It was a wonderful way to spend Halloween, for me anyways. He probably thinks I'm a nutcase now. Did you do anything fun for Halloween?



  1. Not a nutcase at all, next time I'll do the time warp dance with you.

    1. You had better dance next time! It's the best part after all.

  2. I'm obsessed with Serial and am so confused about if I think he's guilty or not. I really hope it ends with something conclusive but I'm not optimistic



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