Sunday, August 3, 2014

Kelsey's Sunday Brunch

  • I had my first post accepted to Foodgawker last week!  If you're not familiar with the site, food bloggers submit photo content from their sites and only the most appealing pictures are accepted for their online gallery.  I guess this is a sign that my photography must be improving!  If you're looking for some other similar sites where you can drool over pictures of food, check out TasteSpotting and FoodEpix too.
  • Madison has a pretty good food cart scene, especially during the summertime.  One of the regular locations for the carts is conveniently on the Capitol Square where I work.  Every once in a while I treat myself to lunch from the carts.  My favorite is a wrap and salad cart called Good Food, but I also really enjoy Melted, who serves fancy grilled cheeses.  Some of my favorites might just be the inspiration for some future recipes.
  • I know I've discussed before how my garden is somewhat of a zucchini making machine, and it doesn't look like it will be slowing up anytime soon.  Here are ten delicious zucchini recipes I just might have to try.
  • If you live in the Madison area, be sure to check out Pope Farms Conservancy this week.  The sunflower field should be in full bloom in the next few days and it makes for a great photo opportunity.  There's also miles of hiking trails and a great view of Madison.
  • Wedding planning is in full swing in my neck of the woods.  We've set a date, booked a reception venue and reserved the DJ.  Exactly 11 months from today I will be marrying this guy!
  • I plan on buying an iPad at some point in the next year.  I saw this DIY cutting board recipe holder which will be perfect for when I have online recipes I'm making. I started keeping an eye out for a cheap paddle shaped cutting board at thrift shops and ended up finding one for $3 in the clearance section at Marshall's.  Score!
  • Congrats to April for spending today and yesterday biking the MS 150.  You go girl!
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  1. Thanks Kelsey! I think I need to check out those sunflowers this week, it sounds amazing!

    1. I haven't gone yet this summer, but it sounds like because of the weird weather this summer the field may not be as full as usual. Still probably worth a gander :)



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