Monday, July 28, 2014

Brittany's Sunday Brunch

These past couple weeks were crazy busy! I felt I always had twenty million things on my mind, fully disorganized and cluttered. As a result, I feel today's Sunday Brunch will reflect that quite seamlessly.

  • Last weekend I picked up my wedding dress! Oh boy, I still absolutely love it. I had to resist taking any pictures; otherwise I wouldn't be able to keep myself from posting them here or ruining the surprise by showing my hubby-to-be. Southern Wisconsin ladies, check out Bliss Bridal if you are looking for a wedding dress. They treat you like a princess and the decor of that place is oh so lovely.
  • Part of being busy lately is from all the visitors. Best part of out of town guests is having an excuse to eat out. My recently food ventures included: 
    • Bluephies on Monroe Street. Even after stuffed bellies we split the Snicker's Pie. Yum.
    • Clasen's Bakery on Parmenter Street. Oh boy, we have discovered one of the best bakeries in town and it's in walking distance from our apartment. Yikes, I'm afraid their cinnamon rolls might become a weekend breakfast staple.
    • Basset Street Brunch Club. Brunch with my coworkers to get out of the lab, yes please! And don't forget their doughnuts. We took them to-go as a work snack for later!
  • On top of wedding vendor meetings, I've been busy babysitting, attending work meetings and meeting work deadlines. How should I stay organized so I don't forget anything? Icloud calendar has been a dream come true! If you're not a Mac fan, then try google calendars. If you have a gmail linked to your smartphone, the calendars follow with it! Pretty nifty. But I also like the good ol' fashioned hand written schedule. My calendar comes from Sugar Paper Los Angeles and it's feminine cuteness looks great in my work bag.
  • Restaurant week was this past week. Please share your favorite place and meal. And if you missed it this year, don't worry! It's semi-annual, so there's another one this winter. But let's not talk winter now, summer is just too great.
Hope you have a great week to come!


  1. I didn't do any of the Restaurant Week places but did go to the Weary Traveler for the first time. The Bad Breath Burger was very tasty and definitely lived up to the reputation!

    1. Funny name but I can guess why it got it, which means it probably has everything that I love on a burger! I'll have to give it a try!

  2. Eldorado was delicous. Particularly the brisket and horchata milkshake. I've never been to Clasen's but you have to check out Bloom Bake Shop in Middleton. They have to die for cupcakes and other baked goods!

    1. Oh I've had my fair share of Bloom's goodies! Their cinnamon roll cupcake is my fav!



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