Sunday, September 21, 2014

April's Sunday Brunch

Happy Sunday funday, friends! Its been another fun busy month with lots of food, friends and sports!

Two of my best friends moved to Cali and came back at the beginning of the month to complete Ironman Wisconsin! I'm not usually a very crafty person, but I figured I could channel my inner crafty, if they could complete an Ironman.

They were amazing. This my friend Tim finishing and his wife finished a few hours later. It was amazing. They both had huge smiles on their faces every time we saw them go by on their bike or foot.  No words. Everyone who completes and Ironman is a crazy awesome human.

I'm pretty obsessed with squash blossoms every year. I had my first fried and stuffed blossom in Rome, Italy, with this amazing Italian tour guide. Swoon.

My boyfriend found us a fresh supply near where he does field work so naturally we picked some, stuffed with goat cheese and peppers, and fried them up. Delicious.

Wisconsin recently had a bit of a cold streak, like really cold, almost freezing kind of cold. I wasn't ready for it but what I was ready for was a fire in the fireplace! My kitty is enthralled with it. It is pretty much like the sun is 2 feet away from her. Because all animals, especially cats love to sun bake themselves until they are hot to the touch.

Speaking of cats and my desire to be a crazy cat lady, have you seen this cat video and this one? Cat truth, fear of vac-uum! Cracks me up every time. I could watch these all day long. I might be a crazy cat lady one day.

I popped my Packer game cherry last weekend! Also had myself a delicious cheeseburger and dumpling soup at Kroll's East, another Green Bay institution. It was like a butter burger on steroids. Delicious.

It was so much fun. Packer fans are a one of a kind fan. No body is better than a Packer fan or the Green Bay Packers. Win or lose fans are dedicated to the death.

The first half of the game I thought I must be bad luck for the Pack. Second half and by the end I'm pretty sure they won because I was there because lets be honest they won out of shear shit luck. That luck was me obviously. Just kidding. I'll stop boring you with football talk now.

Have you heard of the horse collar at Lambeau? 22-inch kielbasa smothered in delicious. Kielbasa might be one of my favorite sausages. Ever. My mouth is watering. Who is watching the Packers or other football team today and making some loaded baked potato rounds or greek hummus dip?

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  1. The horse collar looks and sounds great! Also, love that you had a fire going in the fireplace already! Can't wait to that ourselves (although, ours we just flick a switch, not as fun as a real fireplace).



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