Sunday, January 4, 2015

April's Sunday Brunch

Happy new year friends! I'm not huge on new year resolutions. It is like I'm setting myself up for disaster and failure.

Too pretty to eat, but not really.
 Life can get messy, busy and exhausting. I'd rather start the year with some good intentions to maintain some balance in my life for the things I love and the things that are just a necessary part of life.

It is going to be a busy, crazy year, with lots of big changes: graduation and job hunting. No more month longs winter breaks or summers working on a patio serving and drinking cocktails. I could do that, but I suppose I should do something with my degree.

The makings of an epic cheese board
Those two life changes in of themselves are like a resolution or goal.  I'd rather think about how I'm going to maintain sanity and happiness in the new year, with good intentions. So here they are...

November's Christmas tree hunting

1. Cook more often, for and with friends

2. Swim and bike more because we all feel better when we get moving. Its not about losing weight but feeling good mentally and physically.

Christmas Hot Chocolate Cake from Fine Cooking

3. Learn a new kitchen skill, like bread making. Sourdough bread. Cinnamon bread. Endless possibilities.

4. Spend less time on my phone and more time in the present. Embrace being alone, the noises around you or the person you are with. Engage the world.

Grumpy kitty

5. Spend more time with my cat, snuggling. She hates being alone. This is the death stare she gave me after finals, trips up north and Christmas.The semester and holidays were as rough for her as they were for me apparently.

6. Make more time for me time. Alone time is important. You get to be as selfish as you want. No judgement.

NYE dinner at home

7. Eat, drink and be merry more, even if it is at home with myself. Treat yourself.

8. More nights in with friends, with a movie, good food and bottle of wine. Bars are overrated and hard to hear your friends talk or yourself think. I'm too young to say that, but it is true. You know it is.

9. Be happy.

All in all these good intentions can be summarized as making more time for the things you love as often and as much as you can or want to because life is crazy and stressful, making it easy to focus all your intentions towards other people or things.

What are you good intentions for 2015?

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