Monday, January 12, 2015

Brittany's Sunday Brunch

Wow has 2015 taken off quickly! I started a new tradition for myself this year. You see, I love to be organized and one of my favorite things to satisfy my ultra-organized self is to have a calendar. Hard copy. Actually two hard copy calendars, one small sized that I take to work and can fit in my purse. The other one is large, hanging on the closet door near our kitchen. That one is more of a reminder for the fiancĂ©. But lets be honest, I'm probably the one who looks at it most. 

But lets get back to my new tradition. So, when I change over to the new year calendar, I take a look at all the events and things written in my calendar from the past year. It really reminded me how great 2014 was. A lot of the things were wedding related. Our engagement photo session and officially reserving our wedding venue were among the pile. We also had a wedding in the family which was so much fun! Reflection is good. A reminder of what a good life I live. I'm pretty luck.

Looking into 2015, I can only guess it's going to be better than 2014! After all, I FINALLY get to marry my best friend! We just hit our 2 year mark...of being engaged (and have been together much longer). I just can't wait to say, "I do!" Here are a few other things I hope to accomplish in 2015:
  • Look and feel amazing on my wedding day. I'm very motivated to work out and eat healthy, with the help of some great workout buddies!
  • Finally tackle pastries. I hear you need patience and days to make these babies. 2015 is the year...but maybe after the wedding (see first bullet).
  • Never forget to snuggle my fur baby, Bear! That one should be easy.
  • Not to forget to slow down, make myself/go out to get a drink now and then. Getting a cocktail is an easy way to catch up with friends and take a moment away from the stress of life

What are some exciting things you hope to accomplish in 2015?

- Brittany

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