Sunday, February 1, 2015

Brittany's Sunday Brunch

Happy brunch everyone!

With the snow storm out my door, I'm really loving the couch and my blanket right now. It's the perfect weather to cozy up by a fire and shamelessly binge watch Sherlock. Ah, one of my favorites!

This weekend I had the pleasure to sit in front of a real fire at my soon-to-be in-laws. We just have a convenient switch-on gas fireplace, which is awesome, don't get me wrong. But sometimes the smell and ambiance of a real fireplace can't be beat. It was a so relaxing.

It's funny to think planning a wedding could be so tiring and stressful. But it is! I'm not trying to complain, because on top of being stressful, it is fun! Last weekend, we FINALLY found flower girl dresses! They were at this store that was connected to Grapevine Cafe in Green Bay. Go if you have the chance. Their caramel macchiatos are amazing, their food is great and I just loved the atmosphere! It was quiet an adventure to find these dresses because we need two dresses to fit a 1 year old and an 8 year old. Not many styles of dresses come in that range of sizes, but we did it! We found a dress to fit both! Woohoo! And on top of that, we found my veil! I never thought the veil would be so important to me. Through the process, I realized I will only wear a veil once. And for me it really made me feel like a bride.

Since we're finding out quickly how expensive this celebration of our nuptials is going to be, we aren't really planning on anything for Valentine's day. But I did get an email for Bluephies' "Broke Ass Date Night" special they're doing. We may just have to go for a bottle of wine and half-off apps. Yum.

Any plans for Valentine's Day? Check back later this week for a Valentine's day worthy recipe!

Stay warm,

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