Sunday, February 8, 2015

Kelsey's Sunday Brunch

Hello Friends!

Like Brittany's been mentioning, I've got a wedding of my own that I'm hoping to look my best for as well.  Near the start of the year I bought an activity tracker, the Up 24 by Jawbone, and have been really enjoying using it to help me make healthier, smarter decision in my day-to-day life.  It may just be a glorified pedometer, but I will say, I'm walking more than I did before I had it because I'm aware of how few steps I actually take when I'm sitting at my desk at work all day.  I have it set so that it will vibrate after I'm idle for 30 minutes and boy that can sneak up on you pretty quickly!

I've been trying to be creative in finding ways to cut calories and sneak extra nutrition into my meals.    Starting with a more filling and sustaining breakfast, to cut down on mid-morning snacks.  Eggs and a high fiber english muffin have replaced a bowl of cereal that left me ready for lunch by 10 am.  Sometimes I even sneak some spinach and tomato in there too!  Work lunches more times than not include a salad versus a sandwich.  Stay tuned for a recipe for my current salad obsession in the coming weeks!  Sandwiches are now eaten open-faced, cutting down on calories and carbs, and I've found a berry yogurt parfait to do a surprisingly good job at satisfy a sweet tooth.  Let me know of any other tricks to suggest!

That doesn't mean I don't get to cheat every now and again.  We enjoyed pizza and chocolate peanut butter brownies from Jessica Merchant's cookbook Seriously Delish.  Those bad boys were dangerously good.  The recipe called for coconut oil which was my first time using it.  I'm looking forward to exploring other uses for the ingredient.

We've been making good progress with the wedding planning lately.  I'm gathering bits and pieces of our decorations from thrift stores.  I was lucky enough to find some Kerr Jars, a decoration I was planning on buying anyways since Kerr is my fiance's last name.  This weekend we checked a couple more things off the to-do list and picked out suits for the dudes to wear and went to look at wedding bands.  Time sure is flying by!

Well, I'm off to get my taxes and FAFSA done.  Hope you had a relaxing and productive weekend!


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  1. I like adding a whole grain, like quinoa, to my salads. I also like sneaking in vegetables to my sauces, like cauliflower or squash puree to mac and cheese or spinach into my meat sauce. Both are great ways to use up leftover vegetables or grains too.



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