Sunday, June 1, 2014

Kelsey's Sunday Brunch

  • The Memorial Union Terrace is pretty much a symbol of summertime in Madison.  A group of us were able to enjoy part of our extended Memorial Day weekend enjoying a few pitchers of beer and some babcock ice cream there.  Beer, ice cream, a beautiful lake and good company, what's more to want?
  • My boyfriend Nate and I were recently given a pineapple wedger, and let me tell you, it is a game changer.  What was life like before?  I don't even remember, but I do know there was a whole lot less pineapple in it.
  • Have you heard about the #YesAllWomen social media campaign that was sparked after a young man went on a killing spree in Santa Barbara last weekend, blaming women not wanting to have sex with him to be the cause?  It's more than just a women's rights issue.  You can read about it here and here.
  • As the days have gotten warmer and more humid, that hot cup of coffee every morning is getting to be a little too much.  To avoid an expensive habit of visiting the coffee shop too much, I'm thinking about trying out some of these methods for making iced coffee at home.
  • Ever wonder why we can't just use all-purpose flour for everything since it is called all-purpose?  Me too.  Joy the Baker breaks it down for us in Baking 101: The Difference Between Baking Flours.  My question is, who has pantry space for all that flour?
  • I went to a housewarming party this weekend and gifted the hosts a couple of these Madison street maps rocks glasses that I picked up at a little local shop.  Aren't they the cutest?
  • Two things we love around here are the Wisconsin Badgers and...reading.  Well at least I love reading.  Which naturally means that I love this fun and cute video!
  • And one last thing: before we know it, it will be the middle of July which means my birthday!  I'm starting to think about what kind of cake I want to make and so far this peanut butter cake with chocolate frosting, a simple chocolate cake, or maybe I'll go crazy and try making one of these ice cream cakes!

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